Anarchy in the U.K. 2072

Swing Vote

The Mission:

To attend a Lobbyists Ball at the Massenet Hotel where government delegates will be in attendance before a vote is cast the following morning for Bill 1449A. The job is to gain info on which way the vote is going to go and the information posted back to the Johnson.


The Lambeth Containment Zone (LCZ) is a region of London that is considered the roughest, most dangerous neighbourhood in the U.K.

The Lambeth Containment Zone was created under the guise of retuning law and order to the area after a medical scheme reportedly failed. “Project 42-20”, a project quoted by the company to ‘combat an epidemic of Asian Bird Flu’ has been rumoured to be a potentially government-backed experiment into forced gene-pool manipulation, to understand and control Goblinization.

The company responsible was Adams-Hoffman, they are reported to have been directly responsible for 720 deaths, and 9200 indirectly. A channel-7 documentary “Medicine Bag” uncovering this truth 15 years later brought the company to its knees through investigations.

People are urged not to visit the LCZ without escort and are reminded that most travel insurance will be invalid if a visit to the LCZ has taken place.

Since this time, many government and goodwill groups have tried to the lift the region up by creating jobs, improving services and setting up medical and social hubs. So far, it has done little.

Now, the government put forth a bill (1388A) that would release funds to create a new transit line out of the LCZ so that residents had greater accessability to jobs and services and slowly pull the area out of abject poverty. The Bill was passed but before it could be enacted, Renraku put forth an amendment Bill (1449A) that would re-appropriate funds to a new Underplex route from the Renraku arcology to the West End, a move that would greatly benefit their own employees and retail facilities. The Underplex is an enormous underground shopping district filled with trendy shops, restaurants and services. Effectively, Renraku is trying to keep one of the poorest regions of the UK from gaining services so that their employees in the arcology can have an easier trip to the shopping districts.

To many of the various lobbyists and government officials, allowing wealthy employed people a chance to spend more money into the economy is better than allowing poverty stricken, government assisted people a chance to wander further looking for work.

People of Interest

  • Artholomew Johnson
    • The employer of the job.
    • Ex-stock broker, American and now apparently a broker of information.
  • Lady Rhiannon Glendower
    • Duchess of Snowden
    • Involved in a number of projects across the UK that focuses on improving impoverished areas as well as toxic spill zones.
    • Most recently involved in the push of improving job and social aspects in the LCZ, pushed hard for the original Bill 1388A to get through parliament before it was high-jacked by Renraku.
    • Has offices in Wales where she generally resides. Uses a lot of intermediaries.
  • Addison Hughes
    • Addison Hughes is the Speaker of Parliament. It is his duty to manage the debate of the floor of the House of Commons and largely remain above the political muck those debates bring about.


  • Renraku and the Underplex
    • The Underplex Corporation gives Renraku even more control over Underplex matters than they have on the surface.
    • Current Underplex Administrator Dame Carrie Musgrove is firmly in the pocket of Renraku and has been instrumental in making sure the monorail made its way to the West End so that tourists could easily make it to the Renraku Complex, allowing Renraku employees to enjoy what the West End has to offer.


After gathering appropriate attire and some wheels (a hideous chromed jaguar), the party made it to the ball and started mixing with the other officials and lobbyists.

After being made a little nervous, Bill hung out with some other bodyguards and made himself feel better by getting one back on his feet who was still wearing the suit inserts. Meanwhile, Rouri was trying be suave and get some links working on some waiters with Skits’ help but ended up getting one fired. Eventually they had some ears and eyes on the floor. As for Maxime, he managed some refined time and wine with the speaker of the house and through general conversation and talking to his assistant, the group found out that the votes are tied and only one was left to be registered. It belonged to Lord James Helling, an elected official who has not been seen in some months but votes via a remote interface.

The also met Lady Rhiannon’s representative who wish to get the group to help swing the vote their way. She is appalled that a multi-national would steal funds from a low social economic region. She believes they can still serve their original mission as well as hers and improve the lot of many fellow Britons.

With information in hand, the party was left and after retrieving their van and equipment, found Lord Helling’s estate, a quite, leafy area of London in a gated community. Entering was surprisingly easy, the armed guards very outward in their protection and signed them in. Inside the house, it was very dark and quiet but eventually found the kitchen where a man was chopping up a human body. He didn’t fight as he assumed they were delivering new meat. A panel in a wall that opens to a flight of steel stairs leading down was discovered.

Apart from a fabulous wine cellar, an additional level of the the compound was found where many of the previous staff now roamed as ghouls, not quite feral but on the verge of turning.

A leader, the former assistant of Lord Helling was located and after a small conversation, communication broke down and Bill started some diplomacy with superior firepower. The previous assistant proved tougher than first thought and a proper fight broke out. Rouri’s brave charge was interrupted by flying lead from Bill but soon enough, the ghouls and mage was gunned down by full auto and burst fire from Max and Bill while Rouri knifed another in vengeance. The last ghoul met a hideous end in the central ventilation fan that Bill pulled apart.

A quick search located Lord Helling, fully feral and chained to a chair and table, his bio-readers locked in through his eye and hand and a computer set-up to allow anyone to make decisions for him. With money firmly in mind, the group chose Nay and changed the course of London’s development.

Leaving him, they beat a hasty retreat and made their info drop as well contacting the Lady Glendower who was pleased with their decision. After dropping the elf off for some surgery, everyone got a good rest and a great payday of $15,000 each.


Pretty sure I didn’t notice any confused areas!

Swing Vote
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