Aged but still spry, her hazel eyes show both a hard life but kindness.


Short for an ork, Delilah is starting to suffer the frailty of age, her back more stooped than it was and her straggly hair the colour of steel. Despite this, her still sharp eyes keep watch over all the Vineyards.


Delilah has lived the entirety of her life within the Vineyards, her family impoverished and on state funded food stamps, their lot only got worse with the goblinisation of their daughter. However, the Vineyards have always had a sense of community and they were assisted with the early costs of having an ork child.

Her parents died young, the victims of poor working environments in the nearby factories, a modern age black lung disease striking many locals down. With a shortened life span anyway due to her metatype, Delilah turned her attention to making sure the Vineyards stayed a strong community and that those who were struggling would always have assistance, be it in food, clothing, baby-sitters or service assistance. She is regarded as the Matriarch of the estate and anyone who manages to her on her bad side (something that takes some effort, though threatening a local is an instant strike) find themselves driven out.


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