Failed promoter, talent scout, music manager but a successful muck-raker - your guide to the Shadows.


Essex has seen it all and done it all – according to him.

Essex has been involved in all forms of the entertainment industry and has failed in being successful in all of them. However it allowed him to meet many people of various callings and morals.

Many of his early jobs were assisting with the shadier side of the industry; hiding drugs, procuring drugs, paying off prostitutes and cops and so on. He kept his head down and watched, he was insignificant enough that many secrets were shared around him.

Using that to be proactive he got to met underworld figures way above his station as he delivered to them what they wanted before they knew they wanted it. This would have set him up in any industry but he always reached too far to fast and watched as the bigger fish walked in and took his success.

Now, he sticks with what he knows, listening and delivering a service discreetly and always just what was required.


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