Anarchy in the U.K. 2072

Mission 4
Triads so underground, you wouldn't have heard of them.

Mission Giver: Triad Lieutenant, Kai Yune
Mission Details: Find the 9 triads who have defected and are hiding in Garlon territory.
People Met: None left alive

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So, it seems we all might be paying protection money to the wrong group. It appears that apart from being excellent pub bounces, talentless scragg (cough, Diamond, cough) minders and child rescue heroes, out local toughs are up for some multi-gang diplomacy. Shooty diplomacy, but diplomacy all the same.

It appears that the London triads lost some of their own, and that these bad sheep wandered into the wrong yard. Our yard. Our yard that is supposedly protected by the big, bad British bulldog called Garlon. And yet, not a howl or bark was heard. Has our fearless protectors been neutered? But never fear my fellow cocknies, we have some new dogs in town. A lean Irish Wolfhound, a sleek French Artois Hound and a good old English Mastiff. Okay, okay, enough with the dog analogies (I just really want a dog but my landlord is an ass).

Anyway, it appears we all a countdown over our heads before a full-scale street war was going to break out but our boys were on the trail, hunting down the deserters. And, my loyal readers, as always, I have done my best to follow the action across the town, to keep all informed of the real news of out little East End.

So, here is my formal breakdown of events:

  • 9 triads apparently defected from the London family are are believed to be hiding in the East End. The triads have reached out to the Garlons to peacefully have them returned. That offer was bluntly refused. It appears that within 9hrs, the Triads will roll into the East End and do it themselves and God help anyone in the way.
  • The team hear rumours of Asian looking people at a nearby supermarket and after hacking the store security, got a decent look at their vehicle. A watcher spirit was sent off to find it.
  • Once close, a black suv screamed past them which had 2 of the triads. Another on a bike moved up behind them. The team gave chase and eventually ended up in a construction yard. Knives, bullets, spells and paintwork were traded before two men were captured. The biker…….. yeah, I need some eyebleach for watching that through site security cameras.
  • Some “questioning” was done and the men released, you promptly led the guys back to their now empty hideout. Amateurs! Have they never watched a spy movie? Anyway, they got brave, took a chance and got dead for the effort. An entrance to the sewers were found and entered.

Not sure what happened next – no security down there to watch but I pieced some together from their commlinks (thanks guys):

  • Tracking the group, 4 triads were found looked in combat with devil rats. Both groups were neutralized but not before 1 tried to blow himself and the group up.
  • The remaining two were tracked to the London Underground. Spotting them on a platform, both groups boarded the train. An intense stand-off for many stops began and eventually, the two disembarked. Then it got awesome. I don’t care how awesome a phys adept you are, getting punched by a troll is career ending. Shocking….. Sorry guys. Anyway, the oldman was run down and “calmed down” by Mr Irish himself. Didn’t help, old man had his brains removed by a Triad, apparently their contact. Who knew you couldn’t trust a Triad…..oh wait, everyone knows that. Meanwhile, Mr Suave who has questionable taste in patrons (you know, the mole I mentioned earlier), looked sweet in his high end suit and did some reasonable hacking on the subway – good job french man. Pity he forgot about the platform security, but yours truly fixed that oversight – you’re welcome guys – we can’t have the Vineyards favorite lads locked up now, can we?

But then, more guys showed up, with guns and gear and looked all professional and awesome until the troll gunned one down. And then it was a firefight, one I must say, was not on our heroes side but they managed to escape so…..yayyy.

But one last thing my fellow Easties, there was a package…. A manila folder with what looked like important stuff. What could it be, is it important? Well….. I am not sure, it was too blurry for even Skits so it is in the right hands now, hopefully it will become clear in time. And don’t stress people, while a bit shot up and tired, our lads got home safely. They just needed a welcome, warm taxi ride to relax in.

So, that is this week’s excitement for my upload. Thanks boys, we all appreciate it.

PS: Your commlinks suck :)

- Skittish – Blogging about your miserable lives here in the stretch.

Mission 2
Lost Lambs

Mission Giver: The Vineyards
Mission Objective: Find and rescue the 4 children that have been kidnapped.
People Met: Vineyard Crew (Mikal, Colin, “Snowy”, Pathe & Brock), Essex
Karma Reward: 7 (2 – Character Survived, 1 – Completed partial objective , 2 – Enemy Challenge, 2 – Feel Good Run)

The Report:

  • 4 children were taken from the old factory site behind the Vineyards. The children who escaped spoke of a sudden overwhelming urge to run in terror. The 4 taken were SINless.
  • Rouri, Bill and Max investigated the site and initially found little evidence. After talking to Delilah and some of the children who had come out of their terror, they spoke of a van in the distance. Heading out to the old service road that ran behind the fields, tyre tracks were quickly found and linked to a Nissan-Holden delivery van model.
  • Back at the Vineyards, max organises the distraught locals into search teams while Bill door knocks and Ruari raises the issue of an inside job to Delilah. At this point, Rune returns to the chaos and quickly inspects some of the children, the residual magical aura proving the team’s fears, a mage of some sort was behind the attack. Summoning forth a seeker spirit, Rune jumps in a borrowed van with the others and they follow the spirit out to the old Thames docks in the north eastern region.
  • Eventually the spirit is blocked by a mana barrier and an old yard with a transportable office and several shipping containers is spotted. Bill volunteers for reconnaissance and is quickly spotted by a guard. Bill manages to salvage the situation by walking off but the guards are alert. Breaking into teams of two, the approach compound again, 4 visible sentries a slight concern but 2 unidentified creatures sleeping under the office a real worry.
  • Bill fails to launch the elf over the fence and a strange knife battle through the wire plays out before the troll tears the fence away. Rune and Max sneak through the back, the fence falling to acid. Sweeping around, Rune lays 2 of the guards out with an immense spell. The new movement alerting the sleeping Hell Hounds below the office who proceed to attack. Max’s reflexes save him from gouts of flame but Rune quickly finds a vicious, snapping beast in his face. Spell and knife brings that beast down and the other is dropped by troll gunfire and a viscous knife to brain box from Ruari.
  • At this point, the office doors open and a Haitian shaman emerges, a black rod covered in fetishes clutch tightly and he calls upon Baron Samedi to instill fear into the hearts of the team. They find themselves running in terror whilst the shaman makes for the hidden van. Upon returning, the elf is almost run over but the shammy’s escape is stopped by an angry troll who punches the engine in and shorts it with electricity. The rear of the vehicle is dissolved in magical acid and barely before he can react, the Haitian finds a knife buried in his shoulder before a bullet tears through the windscreen and into his head.
  • The children are found in a shipping container, terrifying sounds and visions being played to them to produce fear. It appears to be a telesma harvesting operation and files, maps and money are recovered. Taking the van and the fetish, the group head off into the night to return the children home.


  • Cash (looted)
  • Fetish (shaman)
  • Nissan-Holden Brumbly (severely damaged – broken windscreen, no rear and badly damaged frame, electrics a bit out)
  • 3x HK227X Sub-machine guns
  • 1x Stun Baton
  • Goodwill from The Vineyards
Blazing Diamond
Tepid Performance, Blazing Response

Session 1 – XP Rewards: 7 (Character Survived: 2, Completed All Objectives: 2, Adventure Challenge: 1, Good Feelings Run: 2)

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The local pub, The Tap and Tumbler, was quite the entertainment venue last night. What started as an “interesting” performance by Diamond, the “talented” and flashy niece of our local Man of High Esteem, almost turned into a fiery massacre.

A dozen outsider perps of low character crashed the party and quietly started chaining up all the exits. It seems however, that we actually have some compatent locals who decided these misfits needed a good ol British flogging.

The highlights of the night certainly had nothing to do with Diamond so here is a small breakdown for those unluckily enough to miss The Vineyards best night in months.

  • Apparently our newly arrived elf is the best thing out of Ireland after potatoes and Guinness. Some impressive knife-work would give many a Scouser (liverpodlian) a run for their money. Good to see he didn’t fall to far from the Irish stereotypes with the flashy bottle cut, catch and scull. I give it an “A” for awesome.
  • Bill, out local drifter and project of Aunty Delilah rocked up as some security. He might be as oblivious as a deaf and dumb bull but when he has a target, he certainly charges like one. 1 door open and one ganger eating out of a straw for life. And was anyone else amused by the scurrying ganger, I had expected him to appear in the troll’s top as Bill tried playing whack a mole over himself. Note to self, do not bring a knife to a troll fight, they seem very ineffectual.
  • Well, isn’t Max a gentleman, our local Frenchman with a wonderful accent and slick skills. Not only did he leap to Diamond’s defence (though I didn’t see him trying to save other people from her singing), he also brought her a calming drink in the middle of the chaos. Smooth. Also kudos for convincing some local hooligans to beat up some toughs who weren’t Frenchmen, normally a tough choice for some of our lower-brow locals.
  • And last and not least, there appears to have been some magic thrown around in the night. Revisiting the footage, it appears the adorable Rune in his “security” outfit has some secrets. Either that, or whomever decides cross him has some amazingly bad luck with exploding bottles, strange concussive like explosions and other supernatural effects. For those who are interested, I have made gifs out the gangers who covered themselves in their own molotive cocktails and then ran in terror from their own lighter wielding friends. While he might be confident in a fight, Rune’s eyes seemed to have trouble staying in their sockets around Diamond.

A mild kudos also to Diamond whose knife work turned out to be better then her singing ability.

Anyway, no fire got started, no blazing inferno and a surprisingly low amount of injuries, well done boys, I think you have won yourselves some fans in the area.

Anyway, Frankie showed up with Thug 1 and Thug 2 and took control.

Anyway, moving forwards, seemed our four won themselves some respect, the respect that turns you into a taxi for a spoiled brat. But nothing ever goes smooth for some and it appears that got in the middle of some Tong issues. A couple of lessons I took away from the 7-11 camera feed.

  • When you interrupt a troll’s kegger party of 1, be prepared for him to share it with you. Violently. Ewwww. This girl wants some mind bleach for that.
  • Don’t bring a gun to an Irish knife fight, or at least where thicker armour. Have to admit, watching Ruari in action is something I could start to enjoy. So fast.
  • Can Rune get any sweeter, not only did he heroically leap to the defence of a mother and her children by causing “accidents” to happen to bad people, he also tended to them and seemed to instantly make them feel better. Strange. What a well raised young man, take note you jackass teenagers.
  • Give way to a frenchman, they do not care, they will mow your ass down. And talk about a man of his word, not only did he plant some Tongs on their ass, he continued to drop off his skank, sorry, passenger, home and on time. Dependability is something that can be in short supply nowadays.

Anyway, the mother and children are safely dropped off in their turf and the night ends happily for all it seems.

Skittish – Blogging about your miserable lives here in the stretch.

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