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  • Diamond

    Diamond is Frank’s grand-daughter, a temperamental, opinionated and stubborn woman of 23yrs who is currently trying to break into the music scene. Diamond grew up surrounded by the family business and is very aware of what her grand-father does including …

  • Frank Garlon

    Frank Garlon is the head of the family and quite beholden to the old ways. He demands respect from both his family and community and may be the last line of defense agaisnt the Tongs.

  • Tom "Tommy" Garlon

    Tom “Tommy” Garlon is Frank’s son and is considered to be an all round disappointment to the old man. A drunk and bully, Tommy has his own “crew” he hangs out with and has his own “modern” ideas on how the family should be run.

  • Black Murphy

    Black Murphy is one of Frank’s lieutenants and has been working for the family his entire life and treats the old man like his own father. While quite jovial despite his appearance, Murphy is all business once Frank gives the word and no amount of …

  • Denny

    Denny is Frank’s other lieutenant and is the cooler head of the two. While he would never question one of Frank’s orders, he is somewhat more leniant than Murphy ie He will still break your leg, but in an easily repairable place. Denny has only been with …

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