FAQ - Common Game Questions

Spending Edge (pg. 56)

No more than 1 Edge can be spent on any specific test or action at a time.

  • Push the Limit: Spend 1 Edge Point and add the total to your dice pool. Using Edge in this manner allows you to ignore the Test Limit.
    It can be spent either before or after the initial roll is made.
    • If spent before the initial roll, all dice in the pool follow the Rule of Six.
    • If spent after the initial roll, only the Edge dice follow the Rule of Six.
  • Second Chance: Re-roll all the dice from a test that did not score a success. It cannot negate a glitch or critical glitch and does not follow the Rule of Six.
  • Seize the Initiative: Move to the top of the initiative order regardless of your Initiative score. It lasts for the entire Combat Turn.
  • Blitz: Roll 5d6 for Initiative Score.
  • Close Call: Negate a Glitch or reduce a Critical Glitch to a normal Glitch.
  • Dead Man’s Trigger: When you are about die or fall unconscious, spend 1 Edge and make a Body + Willpower (3) test. If you succeed, you may spend your remaining actions you have on a single action before the character blacks out.


  • Direct Spells: Damage is equal to total net hits based on a Spellcasting + Force vs target’s Body (for physical spells) or Willpower (mana spells). There is no soak roll.
  • Indirect Spells: Damage is equal to Force + total net hits based on a Spellcasting + Force vs target’s Reaction + Intuition. They are resisted by Body + Armour.

Any spell cast that ends up with more hits (not net) than the caster’s Magic score turns the Drain to Lethal damage.

Healing (pg. 205)

First Aid

First Aid must be administered within the 1st hour after the injury and a Medkit must be on hand.

  • Roll First Aid + Logic (Mental: 2 Threshold) +/- Healing Modifiers.
  • Heal 1 box of damage per net hit over the Threshold (1/2 if wearing full-body armour). Healing maxed at Mental Limit + Medkit Rating.
  • A Critical Glitch increases the damage by d3 boxes.
  • Common Modifiers
    • Awakened or Emerged Patient: -2
    • Patient has implants: -1 per 2 points of lost Essence
    • Conditions (Good / Average / Poor / Bad / Terrible): +0/-1/-2/-3/-4

Natural Recovery

During the extended test, the patient cannot participate in extraneous activity. Stun damage must be healed before Physical.

  • Stun: Roll a Body + Willpower (1 hour). Heal 1 box per hit.
  • Physical: Roll a Body x2 (1 day). Heal 1 box per hit.

Fencing Items (pg. 418)

You cannot fence something that has not availability code, these are mundane, easily accessible items.

Self Sell
This is a time-consuming process that has 2 steps.

  • Find the Buyer: Etiquette + Charisma (Threshold 10 / Test = to item’s Delivery Table)
  • Sell the Item: Roll an opposed Negotiation + Charisma test. Sold price = 25% + / – 5% per net hit.

Sell through a Contact
Faster, easier but less return. Much cleaner though.

  • Contact will offer 5% of the item’s worth + 5% per point of Loyalty.

FAQ - Common Game Questions

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