Karma, Awareness and Street Cred

The Runners
Character Race Experience Street Cred Notoriety PA Lifestyle
Ruari O'Mara Elf 14 0 Low
Rune Human 14 0 Low
Bill the Mincer Troll 14 0 Squatter
Max Human 14 0 Low

Game Months: 0
Sessions: 1


Street Cred

Street Cred represents a character’s lifetime accomplishments. The more they’ve done and accomplished, the more respected they’ll be by their peers. A character’s Street Cred score is based on the character’s total Karma earned. For every full 10 Karma that a character earns, they gain a point of Street Cred. Thus, Street Cred equals the character’s total Karma, divided by 10, always rounded down (though other factors may adjust it, such as sacrificing Street Cred to reduce Notoriety.

Street Cred is applied as a positive Limit Modifier to all Social Tests in situations where the character’s reputation would be known.


Notoriety represents the negative side of the character’s reputation. If they are difficult to work with, stubborn, unskilled, fatally flawed, or prone to failure, word is going to get around about them. Notoriety can also reflect callousness, untrustworthiness, and any evil aspects to a character’s personality that might spur others to steer clear of her.

Actions that cause Notoriety to rise include:

  • Refusing to finish a run
  • Insulting or otherwise pissing off a Mr. Johnson
  • Incredibly obnoxious or callous behavior
  • Betraying team members
  • Killing innocents
  • Earning a powerful enemy
  • Knowingly working for a dragon
  • Exceptional bad luck that leads to disaster

A character can reduce their Notoriety by permanently sacrificing 2 points of Street Cred for every 1 point of Notoriety.

Public Awareness

Public Awareness represents how well the character is known among the media, authorities, and public at large. With only a few exceptions, shadowrunners are always working to ensure that the public doesn’t know anything about who they are or what they have done. Corporations and other power groups hire runners when they want something taken care of quietly without a great deal of public attention drawn to it. So if a runner is doing their job, the public should never know about them. The best shadowrunner is one that Joe Wageslave has never heard of. Only when something goes wrong, or the situation is unavoidable, do the actions of a runner become public. In much the same way as Notoriety, the gamemaster determines when the actions of a runner should be awarded a point of Public Awareness. Some examples include:

  • Fighting with law enforcement or some other High Threat Response team
  • Extracting a well-known person
  • Blowing something up in a populated area
  • Leaving significant physical evidence
  • Being seen by many eyewitnesses
  • Broadcasting or posting videos of your crimes on your Matrix fansite

How well the public actually knows a runner is determined by the level of their Public Awareness. Whether an individual person knows a runner can be determined using the Public Awareness Level Table below.


Karma, Awareness and Street Cred

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