The Garlon Family

The Garlon Family is one of the few remaining “Old Firm” families left in London. With the ever encroaching presence of the Tongs, Frank Garlon, the current family head has held strong and has even pushed them back on some of the East London borders, but for how long?

The Garlons operations are positively old school compared to the crime of the 2070s but it is enough to keep them strong and more importantly, keep the support of the average joe living in their neighbourhoods.

Their portfolio consists of: money lending, underground betting, protection rackets & real estate. Frank has firm to not expanding into drugs or cyber crime though this view is rumoured not to be shared by his son, Tom “Tommy” Garlon, the next head of the family.

It is also rumoured that Frank is seriously considering not handing over the family business to Tommy and is looking for a more suitable leader. This of course has created some serious tension in the upper ranks and it is only a matter of time before one of them makes a play.

Personalities of Note:

Family Members

Frank Garlon: Head of the family

Tom “Tommy” Garlon: Frank’s son & heir apparent

Diamond: Frank’s Grand-daughter


Black Murphy: Frank’s 1st Lieutenant

Denny: Frank’s 2nd Lieutenant

Garlon Loyalty: 4 (Neutral)
Bonuses: None

The Garlon Family

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