The Tongs

The Chinese Tongs are dominant in Nottingham, Manchester, the Merseysprawl and more and more in London. The Tongs in these cities are mostly family based, with a structure akin to the Mafia.

Tong members are noteworthy for their expertise in martial arts, preferring them to firearms. Many are Physical Adepts. They are also notorious for their cruelty and their routine use of torture to extract information and to instill fear in those from whom they extort money. Protection rackets are a staple of Tong activity, a rewarding crime because protection involves little risk, capital outlay or a need to store contraband.

Tongs also use intimidation to corner particular areas of commerce for their own monopoly. In the Midlands, Chinese and other ethnic food shops and restaurants are mostly Tong controlled. Those who resist are firebombed or attacked by a dozen masked Chinese armed with pickaxes or similar weaponry. Though the Tong prefer to raid when few people are about, they will dispose of customers who might be witnesses for the police. The owners are often burned alive before their properties are set light to. They have also been known to then post letter bombs to the victims family so that their insurance pay out is used on medical expenses.

On rare occasions, the families from the various cities have been known to pool their hatchet men to deal with a larger threat. A very scary prospect indeed.

Tong Loyalty: -5 (Unfriendly)
Bonuses: None

The Tongs

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