In the world of 2071, Britain is still a country with power and influence beyond its small size, a global player worth keeping an eye on. It is also a country of many contradictions. Although untouched by the catastrophic Euro Wars, the land has been ravaged and polluted by greedy exploiters past and present.

Stylish aristocrats and royalty rule a country where pockets of appalling poverty and mindless brutality are common. British research brains are coveted by almost all megacorps, and British research teams hover at the cutting edge of technological innovations; yet one of the land’s major powers is the druidic cult, and the Parliament is dominated by the conservationist Green Party. (There is a Conservationist Party too, who pretend to be Green, but they are neo-fascists).

Britain has repressive laws and is a secretive society; yet it has elven aristocrats, punk culture, wild Celtic shamans, gritty Northern dwarfs, brilliant computer scientists, Tongs unrivalled in power outside China itself, and a myriad other subcultures in a mix that somehow manages to get along, even throwing in a dash of tolerance for the other bloke here and there.

Campaign Overview / Rules

The premise for the start of this campaign is that you begin with Street Level build characters who are most likely down on your luck and not true shadowrunners yet. Certainly ex-military, police, gang and so forth, maybe even a burnt out mage / wage slave.

The campaign is set-in an a large, 5 building complex called The Vineyards which is situated in the old East End of London, more specifically, Stepney. Information for both areas can be found here: Locations.

The area is run by one of the last remaining Old Firm families, a true cockney crime family organisation. They are the The Garlon Family and they are doing what they can to hold of The Tongs who are ever encroaching on the old areas, building them up and spreading their influence. While still a crime family, the Garlons will actually look after their residents and if they are messed with, brutal retaliation can be expected.

The Vineyards a community within this structure but tend to look out for each other over anyone else. Building trust and report with them will give you both contacts and security. Same as the Garlon family, building reputation with them can open many doors.

As the game advances, slowly but surely, the characters will be thrust into the shadows, a world they have only read or heard about and taking those first steps into true shadowrunning will determine whether they will live as legends or die as unknowns in a dirty, cobblestone alley somewhere.

So, things to consider:

  • England (or U.K.) is an extremely oppressive place with some of the harshest gun laws in the modern world. This does not mean you cannot use them, just to be wary about when to shoot a place up and who can see you. Having a back-up way to defend oneself is advised, be it traditional British knife work, pugilism, a Liverpool kiss or a length of chain.
  • Speaking of who can see you, the U.K. has the most public cameras and surveillance drones per-capita than anywhere else in the world. But, their enforcement agencies are stretched and there is so much red-tape between local, provincial, country and private organisations, most data is never seen by those who need it. Also, the upkeep is an enormous and with the country bleeding money, many have been decommissioned and no-longer record, just sit there and act as a visual deterrent. Don’t rely on it but don’t stress that every movement will be tracked, especially in the outer areas of London.
  • Feel free to build an interesting background but try and add a reason why you are where you are now and what ties you have made in the community. Do you have a day job like delivery man or are you a bouncer at the local pub, The Tap and Tumbler?
  • We are playing Shadowrun 5th Edition and will dropbox the books people will need. Only the Core book and Run & Gun will be used.


Anarchy in the U.K. 2072

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