Anarchy in the U.K. 2072

Lost in Lagos

Dawn of the Artifacts - Part 1

The Mission:

Escort Jane Foster to Lagos, Nigeria to retrieve an artifact that was stolen from her employer. A person known as Samiel is suspected of having it in his possession.

She hopes to retrieve the item peacefully but is understanding that problems often arise.

Jane offers $2000 per day each with a minimum of a 5 day retainer.

People and Background

  • Jane “Frosty” Foster
    • “Yes, I’ve heard of Frosty. She’s a talented mage, supposedly. Has a good rep, but I don’t know any jobs she’s done.
    • “I’ve heard she’s professional, through and through. Picky about the jobs she takes, and doesn’t seem to take that many. I don’t know anyone who’s met her in person, though.”
    • “Frosty’s an elf, a magician. But she doesn’t follow any magical path I’ve ever seen. I’ve heard she’s got a lot of morals. Doesn’t work with any specific team she seems to prefer working alone. She’s been around a long time—ten years, maybe more.”


Jane has organised a chartered flight that will the take the group to Cairo, and then onto Accra – the capital of Asante and the closest real airport to Lagos. After that, Jane informs you that you will travelling with a bush pilot into Lagos.

Everyone should bring a single carry-on-sized bag and a backpack or dufflebag each. Jane also recommends medkits as well an update of various vaccinations.


  • The trip to Lagos is rough with the last plane a twin propeller passenger that was barely held together by its rust.
  • Local tribe thugs were bribed at the airport and the party made its way to a crappy motel. It did come with a lizard though.
  • Knowing it was a rough area, Frosty recommends some weapon shopping and a visit to a gun market was made. On the way home, a mass kidnapping occured on the road and despite herself, Frosty opened fire on the slavers causing a gunfight in the streets.
  • Some legwork tracked down an artifact dealer who requested a favour in return for an invite to the Oni’s palace. The recovery of a tribal mask was marred by the onslaught of ghouls. Upon escaping in their damaged vehicle, a horde of infected behind them, Frosty summoned some powerful magic and layed the region to waste. The group nicely picked up her unconscious body.
  • With invites in hand, the group attend the viewing by the Oni at his palace. In attendance was the elf Samriel along with some other Tir elves. Russians, a dragon rep, Aztechnology and some other groups were also persuing the items on offer.
  • The sextent that you were sent to find was not there but a unique map was, the Piri Reis map. It had magical lines on it that a few groups noticed and Frosty updated the mission to retrieve the map instead. Hours later, someone stole from the Oni and the party were accosted but ultimately let go. Frosty sent you back to Lagos to find the thief and statue hoping to get a full auction invite.
  • Finding your pilot dead, the dwarf and troll fly the group back, barely. Some mid-air repairs and acrobatics got you safely to your destination. Tracking the tihief through contacts, gross bars and strip clubs, he is brought down just meters from safety.
  • The stronghold it is delivered to is assaulted (due to poor stealth) and the statue retrieved and the Igbo leader injured and embarresed. Statue, thief and igbo relative are returned and an invite to the auction is given.
  • Heading into the walled city, where wealth and power are on show, Frosty treats the group to fancy clothes. Heading to the auction, her budget of $1M is beaten and a Nubian agent of a


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