Anarchy in the U.K. 2072

Mission 2

Lost Lambs

Mission Giver: The Vineyards
Mission Objective: Find and rescue the 4 children that have been kidnapped.
People Met: Vineyard Crew (Mikal, Colin, “Snowy”, Pathe & Brock), Essex
Karma Reward: 7 (2 – Character Survived, 1 – Completed partial objective , 2 – Enemy Challenge, 2 – Feel Good Run)

The Report:

  • 4 children were taken from the old factory site behind the Vineyards. The children who escaped spoke of a sudden overwhelming urge to run in terror. The 4 taken were SINless.
  • Rouri, Bill and Max investigated the site and initially found little evidence. After talking to Delilah and some of the children who had come out of their terror, they spoke of a van in the distance. Heading out to the old service road that ran behind the fields, tyre tracks were quickly found and linked to a Nissan-Holden delivery van model.
  • Back at the Vineyards, max organises the distraught locals into search teams while Bill door knocks and Ruari raises the issue of an inside job to Delilah. At this point, Rune returns to the chaos and quickly inspects some of the children, the residual magical aura proving the team’s fears, a mage of some sort was behind the attack. Summoning forth a seeker spirit, Rune jumps in a borrowed van with the others and they follow the spirit out to the old Thames docks in the north eastern region.
  • Eventually the spirit is blocked by a mana barrier and an old yard with a transportable office and several shipping containers is spotted. Bill volunteers for reconnaissance and is quickly spotted by a guard. Bill manages to salvage the situation by walking off but the guards are alert. Breaking into teams of two, the approach compound again, 4 visible sentries a slight concern but 2 unidentified creatures sleeping under the office a real worry.
  • Bill fails to launch the elf over the fence and a strange knife battle through the wire plays out before the troll tears the fence away. Rune and Max sneak through the back, the fence falling to acid. Sweeping around, Rune lays 2 of the guards out with an immense spell. The new movement alerting the sleeping Hell Hounds below the office who proceed to attack. Max’s reflexes save him from gouts of flame but Rune quickly finds a vicious, snapping beast in his face. Spell and knife brings that beast down and the other is dropped by troll gunfire and a viscous knife to brain box from Ruari.
  • At this point, the office doors open and a Haitian shaman emerges, a black rod covered in fetishes clutch tightly and he calls upon Baron Samedi to instill fear into the hearts of the team. They find themselves running in terror whilst the shaman makes for the hidden van. Upon returning, the elf is almost run over but the shammy’s escape is stopped by an angry troll who punches the engine in and shorts it with electricity. The rear of the vehicle is dissolved in magical acid and barely before he can react, the Haitian finds a knife buried in his shoulder before a bullet tears through the windscreen and into his head.
  • The children are found in a shipping container, terrifying sounds and visions being played to them to produce fear. It appears to be a telesma harvesting operation and files, maps and money are recovered. Taking the van and the fetish, the group head off into the night to return the children home.


  • Cash (looted)
  • Fetish (shaman)
  • Nissan-Holden Brumbly (severely damaged – broken windscreen, no rear and badly damaged frame, electrics a bit out)
  • 3x HK227X Sub-machine guns
  • 1x Stun Baton
  • Goodwill from The Vineyards


Were they just random kids, or did we know who they were? Or find out who they were?

Mission 2
Wildhunt78 Wildhunt78

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