Dr Boyle's Street Clinic

Secreted in a back-alley of Dowd St., Dr. Boyle’s illegal chop shop is crowded into the offices of a defunct electronics clinic. No sign or indication of the clinic is visible from the street, so only clients with references or the right connections will even know it’s there. The clinic is open around the clock with one or two doctors in attendance at any time.

Run by an unlicensed surgeon and two assistants, the street clinic has built up quite a reputation amongst underworld types and performs not only illegal patch-jobs and augmentations, but plastic surgery too. While the basic services offeredinclude surgery and numerous basic and alpha grade implants, Dr. Boyle is rumored to have access to a corporate source for higher-end implants. As a result the clinic has developed a thriving business among shadow types and other criminals looking for off-the-books augmentation and enhancement surgeries. The clinic lacks the facilities and resources for genetherapy and nanotech implantation though.

The clinic premises are small. The alley entrance leads into a reception/waiting room with chairs and a counter. A corridor threads through the restricted areas of the clinic leading to the doctor’s offices, a cold storage/walk-in freezer for the ‘ware’s and medical supplies, a scrub room, and two no-frills operating theatres.

The storage area is usually well-stocked with medical goods and low-end augmentations, but the high-level implants are kept off-premises in an undisclosed location as a safety precaution. The operating theatres qualify as Medical Facilities (p. 124, Augmentation) though equipment is compact and modular, designed to be taken apart and moved on short notice.

Dr Boyle's Street Clinic

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