Equilibrium Nightclub

This trendy new nightclub is quickly becoming the nightlife hotspot amongst the sprawl’s glitterati and hip crowd.

Every night the best ARJs in town put together the best interactive dance experience anywhere to the hottest new tracks. Every weekend live acts take to the stage, and the hottest talent in the sprawl is lining up for a gig. Talent scouts, trend hunters, and viral marketers mingle with the hip habitués searching for the next big thing, while select clientele and the owner’s friends get to watch the dance foor from behind the polarized door-to-ceiling windows of the elevated VIP lounge.

A converted warehouse, Equilibrium has a max capacity of 400 revelers and o en has to turn partiers away. It is not unusual for patrons to queue for several hours to get in – if they don’t possess a VIP pass or aren’t friendly with one of the staff. Its themed black and white, yin yang stylings and sophisticated AR, light and sound systems make Equilibrium the place to be seen and make friends. Two bars serve a wide variety of beverages from cocktails laced with Láes to mundane whiskey. The barmen are uncanny fonts of information on a variety of subjects and always seem to know all the right people.

The sunken dance floor is perpetually crowded with a writhing tangle of bodies, regardless of whether a live act or an ARJ occupies the stage, and a table area is set aside for those who want to mingle.

The owner, a nightlife entrepreneur, is also a reputed fixer with connections in the Shadows and several local corporations. Not only does he entertain his contacts and acquaintances in the relative privacy of the lounge, but he often arranges meets between Mr. Johnsons and potential runners there too.

The backstage area includes kitchens, staff rooms, changing rooms for the live acts, an ARJ control room, managerial offices, bathrooms, and storage rooms. Only club staff , artists, and the fortunate few with passes are allowed backstage. According to street rumor the storage rooms sometimes hold less-than-legal inventory for the owners friends.

Equilibrium Nightclub

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