Figg's Gym

Figg’s Gym is both the headquarters and name of a small group of Physical Adepts in London. The members themselves run the gamault from Human to Troll though no elves are current members.

Most are involved in various underground fighting circuits in and around London and are quite competitive with both each other and several Welsh and Scottish fighting groups. The member’s have full use of the large selection of gym and workout equipment as well as research and medical supplies.

Most cross-train with each other to continue to learn both their own abilities but also learn how adept themselves to fighting other awakened opponents. The only real rule in the headquarters is that any misgiving, arguements or hostility is solved in the ring.

The gym and group are named after James Figg who was England’s first bare-knuckle champion in 1719 who then kept the title for 11 years. After retirment he begun his own school of boxing, fencing and quarterstaff.

Members: 15
Strictures: Disrepute (Member’s cannot fight in legal, non awakened fights as this brings further discrimination upon all Phys Adepts), Rivalry (No in-fighting that is not part of a match or in the Gym’s ring).
Resources/Dues: 2,000 Nuyen per Year
Patron: None – Currently self funded by members.

Figg's Gym

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