Mike's Pawnshop

Mike’s Pawnshop is a neighborhood institution. Having opened mere days before the Awakening and remaining open through the good times and the bad that followed, for better or for worse Mike’s has seen it all.

The pawnshop buys and sells an eclectic assortment of one-off goods from old US memorabilia to the out-of-fashion holoprojector—no questions asked (though high-ticket items are often handled around back). Mike’s will buy and sell almost anything: electronics, drones, artwork, jewelry, second-hand clothes, survival gear, even the occasional motorbike or mysterious magical bauble—anything but guns. The owner has a strict rule about not dealing in firearms and explosives of any kind.

The main showroom possesses a large display window onto Dowd Street. The room itself is lined with shelves, valuables are kept in cases behind plastiglass, and a bookcase stands in a corner all are cluttered with assorted wares. A mesh cage surrounds the front door, and it will lock down if the sensors built into the doorway arch sound an alert.

Mike’s is staffed by a broker, a counter clerk, and a mean looking ork bouncer. The broker and clerk handle business from behind a long counter (under which a shotgun is kept). A single doorway leads into the back where rooms include an office, a small private meeting room, a locked storage room, bathroom, and cubbyhole with sleeping cot for late nights. A back door leads onto an alley and a hidden manhole in the storage room allows access to the sewer mains.

As with many pawnshops in rougher neighborhoods, Mike’s is also a fencing operation; a steady flow of stolen goods and black market merchandise makes its way through Mike’s storage rooms. Anything that the store doesn’t have in stock, they can arrange to acquire. Payoffs to the police to turn a blind eye have kept Mike’s out of trouble and independent.

As a well-connected fence, the broker also runs a profitable side business in arranging for fake licenses, documentation and even SINs.

Mike's Pawnshop

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