London - East End

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_"At night, shrouded in the incessant fog that twists its ghostly apparitions through the narrow streets, the East End of London seems to belong to a bygone age. A time of wet cobblestones and the rattling of carriage wheels, of raucous pubs and knives in the shadows.

During the day, however, the contrast between timeless cries of the costers in Petticoat Lane Market and the looming glass monoliths of the nearby City and Wapping reveals the truth. The modern East End is a district caught between past and future, between the dark miseries of poverty and the shining new opportunities offered by the new money.

If that all sounds somewhat poetic, well, so be it. There is a wistful and romantic spirit that only just hides behind the cheery smiles of the – genuine!! – Cockneys who live there to this day."_
- Skits -


Stepney is the only part of the old original East End that has not been bought up by developers for transformation into a modern hipster suburb. The area is a strange mixture of old apartment blocks and modern houses, dotted with with warehouses and abandoned (and not so abandoned) sweatshops and factories.

Few of the city’s corporations have built new developments in the area, though many assume it cannot be long before the pressure of the City becomes to great and it goes the way of those around it.

For the young at heart, the abandoned warehouses provide great venues for a night of wild dancing at an unlicensed warehouse party, though there are the ever apparent dangers of safety standards, drugs and predators of various types.

Stepney is home to most of the remaining real-life Cockneys and it’s crime is ruled by The Garlon Family.

London - East End

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