The Vineyards

The Vineyards is an Estate built around the turn of the century. Consisting of 3 main buildings and a large central quadrangle, it is home to just over 1,000 residents of Middle Low – Upper Low backgrounds. There is also a Best-One (a British Stuffer Shack) on the edge of the block.

While the estate sits on the corner block of two arterial roads, the land behind is abandoned factory lands, mostly grassy fields with a old piping, half collapsed storage sheds and burnt out cars dotting the area. This is a favoured play area for the local children.

During the 2050s, part of the estate was sold off by the Government in a bid to make private investors maintain the upkeep of the place. 40% of the Vineyards are now owned by The Garlon Family as it is part of their neighbourhoods. The other 60% is still owned by the government but all the administration has been left to the Garlons to do.

The estate is aging but has been retrofitted with most of the modern conveniences, just very basic ones. The area also suffers water and power outages as is normal of the area.

The Vineyards are predominately made of British whites. The remainder are British Indian and some British Blacks with 1 Chinese representing the Asian race.

Humans are the majority but a decent number of orks also call The Vineyards home as well as a few dwarfs and 2 trolls. There are no other known elves living in the Vineyards aside from new Irish resident.

Most of the residents work in the nearby factories or offices as low paid wage slaves. Some are unemployed or work in other non-skilled positions. There is also a high number of Sinless that live in the block, doing menial tasks for cash in hand work. A few have jobs in the Garlon run factories but they are exploited due to their lack of rights.

Rare in this day and age, but there is a sense of community in The Vinaeyards as so many work together and their kids are always together. Most look to Delilah for assistance when needing a baby-sitter, confidant or some good ol’ fashioned advice. She makes sure everyone is fed and cared for and assists those who become unemployed. More importantly, she makes sure anyone who is bad news for the area is moved on or denied housing, something the other residents are thankful for.

Vineyards Loyalty: 10 (Friendly)

Boons: 15% Discount on Lifestyle Cost
Group Contact: Delilah (L: 2 / C: 4)

The Vineyards

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